Q: Can I change the batteries and what do I need?

A: Yes, the NursePro takes two button cells AG10 or equivalent (389, 390, 189, L1130, LR1130, L1131, LR1131, LR54, D389, D3900).  When you change the batteries you will need a small phillips or star screwdriver to remove the security screw to the battery cover. You must push the reset button once after replacing the batteries.

Q: Is the NursePro good for students?

A: Yes! The NursePro makes an excellent gift for the nursing student and is also very helpful for foreign trained nurses.

Q: After launch, where will I be able to buy more NursePro calculators?

A: We will have them available on our www.medical-calculator.com website and also on Amazon.com, and we are hoping to have them available at nursing school book stores.

Q: Can I get a NursePro with custom calculations?

A: Yes, it’s possible for us to make a custom unit but the order quantity needs to be over 1000 pieces.

Q: Can you personalize my NursePro?

A: Unfortunately, we do not customize NursePro calcualtors at this time, but this may change in the future.

Q: Is there a warranty for NursePro?

A: There is a 12 month warranty on NursePro calculators; however, there is no warranty on the batteries, which are easily available at any dollar store.