NursePro Calc with Instructions

Meet NursePro!

What is NursePro?

NursePro is a handheld calculator built from the ground up to assist nurses in making difficult nursing specific calculations and conversions easily and simply.

What does NursePro do?

  1. Dosage calculations (mass for mass, mass/liquid, PO dosage by weight)
  2. I.V. rate calculations (volume/time (drops per minute), volume/time (mL/hour), Mcg/min as mL/hour and % concentration calculations
  3. Conversions (temperature, weight, non metric such as teaspoons, tablespoons etc.)
  4. BMI and BSA calculations
  5. Regular calculator functions

Who could use a NursePro?
1. Nursing students where it will help in exam preparation
2. Foreign trained nurses who need help in exam preparation
3. Clinical nurses
4. Surgical nurses
5. Homecare nurses
6. I.V. infusion nurses
7. Cancer clinic nurses
8. Pediatric nurses

NursePro Story

Our parent company Pharma-Insight is a company that specializes amongst other things in the manufacture and distribution of medical calculators. These are calculators that work as normal calculators but have medical formulae built in. We maintain a website (www.medical-calculators.com) where we sell medical calculators to medical professionals and organizations and the number one request that we have received over the years is a nurse specific calculator.

From these requests the NursePro was conceived and developed. Nursing calculations are challenging and extremely important to get right for the seasoned professional as well as the student and the NursePro is designed to assist both. I.V. drip rate calculations, conversions and dosage calculations can be a challenge and NursePro has been designed to assist nurses to make their calculation easier and simply.